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2024-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Rosalie XLII
Lyn Jenkins


Chris McGivaren


Duke Great Sun & Duchess la Glorieuse

Trampus Butler and Christi Rabb

Duke of Versailles & Duchess Marie Therese
Landry McGivaren and Macee Crouch

Duke Monfort Brown & Duchess Panmure

Mike Luallen and Alicia Norris

Duke Manuel Gayosa de Limos & Duchess Marguerite Theresa de Limos
Jake Winston and Ann Ward

Duke of Monmouth & Duchess Eliza Lowe Little 
Chase Laukhuff and Brandy Colbert

Duke Jeff Davis & Duchess Varina Howell  
Jordan Arnold and Lee Hinson

Duke Robert Rene LaSalle & Duchess de Pontchartrain

Anthony Verdicanno and Amy Depta Murray


Past Royalty 1983- current

Lineage of Court Titles

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