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2023 - Back in the Saddle Again


Rosalie XLI
Tracy Gammon


GA Mayers


Duke Great Sun Duchess la Glorieuse

Hannah Durkin and Matthew Hall

Duke of Versailles and Duchess Marie Therese
Aimee Robinette and Cole Mosby

Duchess Panmure and Duke Monfort Brown
Jaki Robinson and Griffin Agent

Duke Manuel Gayosa de Limos and Duchess Marguerite Theresa de Limos
Carol Ann Riley and Avery Middleton

Duchess Eliza Lowe Little and Duke of Monmouth
Lexi Christian and Hoss Serio

Duchess Varina Howell and Duke Jeff Davis 
Jenny Townsend and Josh Foster

KOP group pic 23.jpg

Past Royalty 1983- current

Lineage of Court Titles

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